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Paving: Asphalt is basically a mixture of tar, sand and gravel. It can provide a long lasting beautiful driveway if properly installed and maintained. Factors such as the stability of the base, grade for drainage, temperature, compaction and the speed of installation all play a major role. Always hire a reputable contractor with experience and extensive knowledge of the product. That's just what we can give you. No amount of sealer or crack filler can revive a poorly installed driveway.

Sealing: The sun can eat away at the tar in your new driveway. Over an extended period of time this process can weaken the driveway. Petroleum-based products such as oil, gas, diesel, etc can also disolve the tar in the asphalt very rapidly causing severe damage. Sealer provides protection from the sun, petroleum spills or leaks therefore extending the life of the asphalt and enhancing the appearance.

Patching: Making repairs to your existing driveway can be simple and cost effective. Start with a professional evaluation of your driveway. We can determine the problem and provide the solution. Small pot holes, cracks, or areas of failure can create a snowball effect if not addressed and become much larger problems in a relatively short period of time. When you need an asphalt repair, don’t wait! We can make these repairs fast, efficient, durable and often with the use of 100% recycled asphalt saving you money and saving the environment

Crack Filling: Sometimes a major repair can be avoided by simply filling cracks that show up in the asphalt. Depending on the pattern, we can determine the reason for the crack and make the proper repair. Asphalt sealer is only for small fine cracks. Cracks 3/16” and bigger should be filled with crack filler. Asphalt sealer and crack filler are not the same product. If the crack pattern indicates base failure we recommend an asphalt patch.

Resurfacing: Resurfacing may be needed to seal cracks that have been ignored and gone without maintenance. If there are no major issues with the foundation of your existing asphalt, this will be a simple and easy fix to your asphalt problem. This process consists of laying a new layer of asphalt over the existing layer or straying a seal coat over it. If you use the seal coat as a regular form of maintenance, it will increase the longevity of your asphalt.

Asphalt Maintenance: This includes sealcoating, patching and crack filling.

Grading: We correctly grade your driveway or parking lot so you will no longer have to worry about standing water. This increases the longevity of your asphalt.


  • Design and installation from start to finish
  • New driveways
  • Small residential streets
  • Gravel driveways


  • Parking lot design
  • Repair
  • Striping
  • Sealcoating
  • City streets
  • County roads

We accommodate asphalt paving projects large and small, public or private. Contact us at (662) 234-7235 or by email for a free estimate or consultation.

Asphalt Maintenance

  • Crushed Stone-Based Lime-stone
  • Repairs
  • Patching
  • Gravel Driveways

We are a three-generation, family-owned asphalt paving contractor proudly serving Oxford and the North Mississippi area since 1976. Our reputation and experience in the industry has helped us produce top-quality driveways, parking lots and streets for subdivisions, shopping areas, apartments, restaurants, and cities.

CALL US TODAY! (662) 234-7235